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In many situations, one is forced to take out a loan to face the expenses related to a new project. Nevertheless, when loans accumulate, their repayment becomes difficult and the prospects of contracting other loans are limited. Like all other trades, civil servants are forced to fall back on the purchase of official credits to clean up their finances and deal with new projects. Purchase of credits: benefits related to the status of civil servant Whether they are agents of the three public offices, police officers or employees of public institutions, public servants can opt for the consolidation of loans to carry out different projects or face to hazards (accident, death, unemployment). Stability and the security of their jobs and salaries are important assets for credit institutions. They are therefore much more flexible and more inclined to propose the best formula for optimizing the budget of the civil servants soliciting a repurchase of credits. In concrete terms, the status of civil servant makes it possible to opt for a grouping of credits with more advantageous conditions and wider possibilities. Public servants can take advantage of a 12-year, unsecured or 25-year buy-back of consumer loans, this time with a mortgage guarantee. The advantages of buying back credits The employee opting for the purchase of credits has the possibility of cleaning up his finances and embarking on other projects serenely. All its debts are indeed grouped into one with the possibility of benefiting from a refund rate revised downward. See for a summary

The consolidation of loans for the liberal professions

Liberal companies often have to deal with specific problems. Declining clientele, budget error, mismanagement or even health or family problems can lead to significant debt. In this case, the consolidation of loans may prove to be an effective solution to avoid over-indebtedness. What consolidation of loans for the liberal professions? The consolidation of loans is more and more often envisaged by the liberal professions because their social charges and their taxation are increasing, whereas their revenues tend to fall. Even if the proposed formulas are the same, the conditions for accepting a buy-back of credits for the liberal professions are different from those of the employees. To qualify for a loan redemption, you must have exercised for 3 years full at least and your turnover must be constantly increasing and have not experienced a significant decline. In addition, the bank account of your company should not be in deficit. If you meet these conditions, several solutions will be possible: – the consolidation without guarantee – the restructured bonded – the consolidation with mortgage – the regrouping of consumer loan without guarantee Whatever the solution envisaged, it will make it possible to refinance the mortgages and consumption, whether professional or personal. Do not hesitate to contact by telephone and to make a simulation of consolidation of loans. We are here to assist you throughout your stay.

Soon retired? Future retirees, with the free time will come soon the time of a fall of incomes which it is strongly recommended to anticipate if you dread to review your lifestyle of the fall. A perspective all the more pity in this period conducive to recreation, outings, travel and a thousand other pleasures that have a cost. Anticipating my retirement, yes but how? The purchase of retired credits will allow you to consolidate your loans by giving a new breath to your budget with a single monthly payment. Repurchase of retired credits, landlord or tenant: good reasons to use it The purchase of credits allows you already to anticipate the fall in salary inherent in the transition to retirement. With a single credit, you have a lower monthly payment to optimize your budget and your purchasing power. Retirement credit buyback for a senior homeowner helps consolidate consumer loans and home loans. The redemption will consist in gathering the different debts in one that will include a single refined monthly payment. Repurchase of retired credits, if you are a homeowner will involve a security deposit on the part of the lender who take a mortgage guarantee on your property. If you are a tenant, the purchase of retired loans is limited to the consolidation of consumer loans, especially those with very high rates, such as revolving loans. In both cases, your situation and the feasibility of the project will be closely examined on the basis of supporting documents and provided that a certain debt ratio.

Financial solution in case of separation

In the event of a separation, there is usually the question of the sharing of goods purchased in common, a situation that becomes more complex when real estate and consumer loans are still in progress. What are the solutions and how can one preserve one’s purchasing power after separation? With the divorce, the financial problems to be solved When the credits have been subscribed to 2, the co-borrower can not decide to disengage himself by letting the other assume only the whole of the remainder to pay. On the other hand, the two co-borrowers may, by mutual agreement, transfer (with the agreement of the lending institution) the entire remaining credit to one or the other. The lender is not obliged to accept but may issue a favorable opinion if the designated borrower is able to insure repayment of the monthly payments alone. The only concern, when several credits have been accumulated, even if the capacity of indebtedness is not reached, the one who will alone load credits will see his purchasing power greatly reduced. The repurchase of credits will enable him to regroup his loans in a single credit, longer over the duration, but affected by only one reduced monthly payment. The redemption of balance When credit has been used for a major purchase as a real estate, several solutions arise during a separation: – The property is sold, in which case the price of the sale will allow to repay the balance of the loan and the surplus is shared between the ex-spouses. – One of the two wishes to become full owner of the property by buying the other’s share most of the time through a credit.

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