Loans between Individuals at Low Rates

What is a loan of money between individuals?

What is a loan of money between individuals?

First, the crowdlending platforms that offer loans are more agile, simpler and less bureaucratic than traditional banks.

In addition to that in many cases, the procedure is 100% online, which translates into less waste of time.

That is why the loans between people are not only hired by younger people, the so-called millennials, but that other users are being incorporated.

Everyone, tired of the rejections of the banks and the excessive deadlines that entails going to a branch and waiting for them to approve the loan application.

That is why, this modality has new followers that look for people who lend money on the Internet, without moving from home or work.

Where to apply for loans between individuals?

Fortunately the platforms that offer loans between individuals in Mexico are increasingly.

We can highlight some such as Doopla, La Tasa, yotepresto, Afluenta, Prestadero or kubo.financiero that offer excellent alternatives.

What is the definition of loans?

These are loans between private individuals , that is, individuals who need money, ask others who want to receive interest to borrow it in pages of loans where they connect.

These loans between two people have very interesting benefits. The rate of loans between individuals is lower than what you can get in a bank.

If you have a good credit history you enjoy better conditions because the risk is lower for the borrower, since the interest is usually personalized.

Loans between people on the Internet (peer to peer lending) can be contracted for amounts greater than those of more traditional personal loans and the terms are broader.

What is peer to peer lending?

Internet loans (peer to peer lending) are one of the types of crowdfunding that exist.

It’s about the possibility of getting financing without banks, through a platform, and between people who lend money without collateral .

However, the advance of this modality has been extended to new segments and now loans can also be obtained for companies .

One of the loan pages for leading companies in Mexico is Konsigue that works through factoring.

How do loans between individuals work online in Mexico?

How do loans between individuals work online in Mexico?

For there to be loans between people , two parties are needed, on the one hand, private money lenders , and on the other hand, who request money on the platform.

We already have investors and applicants who register online, without losing time with paperwork in branches.

Now what the platform does is get the information of the borrower and the origin of the money and the applicants, their credit history to know their score and know if they have the capacity to pay.

While many people look for this type of scheme, the urgent private loans , it is true that it takes a few days to finish the operation since those who ask for the money publish their application for a while until the credit is funded.

This is because, from the other side, private money lenders offer at a certain interest rate.

In this way the lenders fund a credit and the money is transferred to the bank account of the person requesting the money and he will have to pay his fees until he cancels it.

What are the advantages of loans between individuals?

The loans are accessible for people who are looking for fast financing with little paperwork.

However, for those who think that it is loans between individuals without collateral , these crowdlending platforms consult your credit history.

Depending on this, the conditions apply, and they also have their own score systems, which makes them very solid and reliable, in addition to being registered.

Another benefit that we highlight in loans is that the contracting conditions are adapted to the profile of the applicant in terms of terms and amounts of financing, as well as the interest rates that are usually cheaper.

But perhaps, one of the most attractive advantages is the speed of granting and the documentation presentation system.

We will not waste time in bank branches and you do not have to present as many papers. Many times, documents are presented 100% online.

This methodology is complemented by a rapid response, either positive or negative. In minutes we can know if we pre-approve to get some of the loans between people. So, in a couple of days we have the money in the bank account.

If you do not apply for one of the loans , you allow us to apply again in a few weeks.

On the other hand, for private loan lenders , it is an alternative to traditional products such as fixed-term deposits, since interest rates are higher and offer better returns.

Requirements to apply for loans

Requirements to apply for loans

  • Register on crowdlending platforms
  • Complete personal information requested. The more complete our profile is, the better the chances of getting the loan.
  • Have a good credit history
  • Own a bank account to receive the money
  • Provide personal identification
  • Provide documentation required

Conditions that can be obtained with loans between private persons

For private money lenders

  • Better interest rates than time deposits
  • Lower risk than other investment products
  • Peace of mind with solvent companies that perform risk analysis

For those who are looking for money in loans between people

  • Speed ​​when receiving an answer
  • Very competitive interest rates
  • Flexible terms for your return
  • Low commissions
  • Procedures 100% online

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