Loans for young people

Waivers for 18 years – where will I borrow the most?

Waivers for 18 years - where will I borrow the most?

The highest amount of the loan is offered . Apply for 6000 PLN and pay the loan for up to 65 days! Most importantly, the first minute is free. The borrower does not have to worry about costs. He gives back exactly the amount he has received on the account. Slightly smaller amount is proposed . In the case of this company, you can apply for 5000 PLN. The crediting period is 35 days. In turn, Lime Kredyt has the first loan for young people up to PLN 3250 for 30 days. When searching for a suitable financial product, it is also worth checking the ratios’ rankings or the rankings of installment loans. has more details

The non-banking sector offers also short-term offers for 19 years. Quick decision, transfer to your account – borrowing is simple and convenient.

Waitors for 19 years propose:

  • Plus loan – a minute for young people up to 2000 PLN with APY 0%. The debt should be repaid within 30 days,
  • Smart Loan – the first loan for young people for free in the amount of PLN 2,000. The loan period is 30 days,
  • Financial Meals – a fast loan from the APRC 0% in the amount of PLN 2000 and repayment time up to 30 days,

How to take a break from 18 years?

Applying for a loan for young people is extremely easy! After selecting a credible lender, he must complete the formalities required by him.

They divide only four steps from the time lag:

  1. Specify the amount of the loan and the amount of time you intend to pay it back.
  2. Fill out the form with the basic data.
  3. Verify your identity in the manner indicated by the lender.
  4. Wait for the credit decision and the loan money.

The credit procedure is fast and uncomplicated, and most importantly – it is 100% online. You do not have to leave your home to get cash on your account. Money can be used in any way – just meet a few conditions. It is also worth

Who can take advantage of a loan for young people?

Who can take advantage of a loan for young people?

Age is not the only condition that the lender puts. In order to receive a payment for 18 years, several other requirements have to be met. What?

Payment terms from 18 years:

  • Polish nationality,
  • permanent address of residence in the territory of the Republic of Poland,
  • fixed income (you do not need to show income statements!)
  • creditworthiness,
  • active mobile number,
  • personal bank account in one of the Polish banks.

The key criterion is creditworthiness. The lenders accept various forms of employment, including the contract for the work and the contract of mandate, as well as the income from family benefits. Loan companies have a flexible approach to granting loans and adapt to the situation of clients.

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